NSK Corporation

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NSK Corp

NSK Corporation

PO Box 134007
Ann Arbor, MI 48113


Business Overview

Ann Arbor is home to NSK North American Headquarters and American Technical Center. This location includes Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, I/T, Procurement, and Research and Development. The Headquarter facility on Goss Road is six years old and is roughly 115,000 square feet and houses some 350 employees. At its 7 US plants, NSK manufactures bearings, steering columns, and precision products for various industries.

Sustainable Business Practices

NSK Corporation of Ann Arbor is a charter member that has been working hard in waste reduction and recycling practices. At the corporate office they are currently working on becoming ISO 14001 compliant. They set up recycling centers in their common areas for employees to recycle paper, cardboard, batteries, ink and toner cartridges, glass, plastic, and Styrofoam. With these new recycling centers they have decreased the volume of their waste containers and the number of pick ups. This facility also recycles the metals used in testing and development of its product within the Technical Center. In addition the company's new building was designed with power efficient fixtures and systems. NSK has installed motion sensors in many rooms, disconnected unnecessary lighting around the building, and has programmed in lighting that shuts off to utilize the natural light provided by the design of the building.


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