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NEW Center

NEW Center - Nonprofit Enterprise at Work

1100 N. Main St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Organization Overview

NEW’s mission is to help nonprofits succeed by strengthening nonprofit management and offering solutions to issues facing the nonprofit community.

How We Do It

NEW offers nonprofits in southeast Michigan resources, technology, and services to meet the challenges of doing more with less. We also work with partners to deliver NEW’S programs outside of southeast Michigan.


NEW was created in 1993 to manage the NEW Center, a facility that provides affordable office space and shared office equipment for nonprofits. The McKinley Foundation and a diverse group of community members were eager to replace an unsightly junkyard at the northern entrance to Ann Arbor with an attractive and valuable community resource. The first 20 nonprofit tenants of NEW Center found immediate benefit in lower overhead costs and on-site cooperation with other nonprofits.

The staff and leadership of NEW soon realized that nonprofits—within the NEW Center and throughout the community—could benefit from a variety of additional management support services. As a result, NEW has developed over 15 years of experience in helping nonprofits succeed.


Sustainable Business Practices

The NEW Center is a unique multi-tenant facility in Ann Arbor that houses 18 nonprofit organizationsIt  provides central recycling locations on each floor for glass, plastic, cans and cardboard. In addition to these efforts, computers, fluorescent lights, batteries, yard waste, and ink cartridges are recycled regularly. As another waste reduction effort, NEW uses postcards to advertise trainings,  conference rooms, office space rental and the posting of its annual reports on its website. The Center has also reduced paper consumption through the increased use of email and electronic documents. Many companies and individuals contact the NEW Center to offer furniture, office equipment and supplies to nonprofit agencies at no charge. The NEW Center encourages its tenants to share excess equipment and supplies amongst themselves and  bring leftover  items to Recycle Ann Arbor for re-use.


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