Mitchell and Mouat Architects

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Mitchell and Mouat Architects, Inc.

113 S. Fourth Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Business Overview

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Sustainable Business Practices

Mitchell and Mouat provides complete planning and architectural design services to clients for projects including schools, libraries, community and recreation centers, transit facilities, auditoriums, office buildings, and places of worship. Fitting the firms experience in historic renovation, the office itself is housed in a turn of the century recycled building that makes use of natural lighting, energy efficient systems, and recycled furnishings. Office practices strive to effectively utilize electronic media while minimizing paper products and associated materials. Packaging materials and kitchen supplies are commonly reused. Vendors provide recycled content office materials and are even encouraged to provide product CDs rather than the traditional binders of information. The bulk of materials leaving the office are recycled through Recycle Ann Arbor or donated to not-for-profit organizations. Projects are designed with sustainable features such as internal recycling centers, low VOC building products, recycled materials, and energy efficient controls and equipment.


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