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333 Jackson Plz.
Ann Arbor, MI 48198


Business Overview

MediaSpan solutions enable local media companies to create, deliver and monetize their content and advertising across traditional and digital platforms.  We power digital content management and online marketing solutions for the worlds leading media companies including Citadel/ABC Radio, Sun Media, Advance Publications, MediaNews, Gannett and Radio One.  Over 4,800 local newspaper, radio, and television properties leverage MediaSpans digital content management, online marketing, advertising and business productivity solutions, and our Network of local media websites reach over 20M UV worldwide.


Sustainable Business Practices

MediaSpan is a world-wide software company that is working its way into the world of recycling. The Ann Arbor branch features many of the important recycling techniques that are key practices of Waste Knot Partners. In order to reduce waste, double-sided printing, electronic documents and e-mail are used. They also reuse folders, boxes, packing material, mugs and utensils. Recycling is also an important practice of the employees at MediaSpan; cans, paper, packaging materials, fluorescent lights, glass, computers, cardboard, and plastics are products that are used and recycled at this office. They also use paper made from recycled materials in their copiers. With regards to the education of employees to the waste reduction activities, there is a written statement defining their waste reduction processes as well as a staff member who oversees waste reduction. Energy conservation is yet another activity that this company is enthusiastically participating in. Fluorescent light bulbs have replaced incandescent light bulbs. They purchase only Energy-Star rated office equipment in addition to setting their computers on automatic sleep mode. All external lights are on timers and routine maintenance is performed on the major electrical equipment to keep the machines running efficiently.

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