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Marsha Traxler, RN, RPP

544 Third St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Business Overview

There is a world of healing that lies between Mom's wisdom and prescription medications. These days that world of healing is only available to a few. I have worked in that world for over 30 years and offer my skills and understanding to people who want to explore better health and well being. I have been able to help people with headaches, TMJ/TMD, neck and back pain, anxiety, depression, knee, foot and ankle pain, obesity, high blood pressure, Metabolic Syndrome, painful old injuries and more. I work with nutrition, herbs, movement, bodywork and more. Please visit my website,, for details."


Sustainable Business Practices

Marsha Traxler practices alternative healthcare nursing at her home-based business in Ann Arbor. Waste reduction, reuse, and recycling all play major roles in her operations. Electronic based documents help reduce the amount of paper consumed. Reusable organic cotton hand towels, sponges, and rags are used instead of disposable paper towels. Waste office paper is given a new life by acting as scratch pads and rechargeable batteries are used in handheld computers and portable electronic devices. A wide range of materials are recycled from her practice and an equally impressive variety of items are purchased containing recycled content materials. Traxler has further made her operation more environmentally friendly by using pollutant free detergents, an energy efficient washer and dryer, and using native plants and organic fertilizer in her landscaping. From using compact fluorescent light bulbs to purchasing ENERGY STAR rated office equipment, Traxler also practices an extensive amount of energy conservation. Traxler takes her efforts to the next level by providing an ecological footprint quiz to all clients.


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