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Manchester & Associates, Attorneys at Law

206 N. Huron St.
Ypsilanti, MI 48197


Business Overview

Manchester & Associates has been in existence since 1988. The firm is currently staffed by two attorneys, one legal assistant and a secretary.

The firm concentrates its practice in the areas of:

Residential & Commercial Real Estate
Wills and Trusts
Non-profit Organizations
Litigation in each area of concentration


Sustainable Business Practices

Their business office has instituted a sound waste reduction and recycling program for over 15 years. Double-sided printing, electronic or web based documents and e-mail are all utilized to help them reduce the amount of waste they produce. Besides reusing items like folders and toner cartridges, scrap and waste paper is reused as notepaper. Commitment to recycling is shown through their self-hauling of items such as cardboard, packaging material, catalogs, book updates, and paper to a recycling drop off station. Since starting their recycling program Manchester & Associates has decreased the amount of garbage they produce, leading to a cleaner building and happier building manager.


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