Maggies Organics

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Maggies Organics

306 W. Cross St.
Ypsilanti, MI 48197


Business Overview

Maggies Organics/Clean Clothes, Inc., based in Ypsilanti, produces clothing made with certified organic cotton and wool, including socks, accessories, stuffed toys and loungewear. These products are available at many local stores and throughout the United States.


Sustainable Business Practices

Since 1992, Maggies Organics has been committed to environmental sustainability, working to convert as many acres of cotton as possible to organic farming practices. Adopting a cradle to grave philosophy of garment production, Maggies ensures that the growing and processing methods used to produce the fabric provide clothing free of toxic chemicals, finishing agents, chlorine bleach and other harmful additives. 20 years in the apparel industry have led to one conclusion: there is no environmental sustainability without social responsibility. Maggies garments are manufactured sweatshop-free in partnership with socially responsible businesses: at a sewing cooperative  in North Carolina, a sewing cooperative in Nicaragua, in Peru and in the United States. Not only do the products they sell decrease harmful environmental impacts, but their office also takes steps to ensure environmental responsibility. Minimal packaging is used in their shipments, the use of fax cover sheets is limited and a permanent, reusable coffee filter has replaced disposable paper filters. Faxes and copies are printed on the second side of used paper and sock hangers sent back from customers are reused. A wide variety of items are recycled and a number of recycled content products are purchased to help close the recycling loop. In short, Maggies Organics/Clean Clothes is dedicated to being a socially and ecologically conscious business and, in doing so, is enjoying a significant reduction in the level of waste they landfill.


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