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8140 Main St.
Dexter, MI 48130


Business Overview

The Village of Dexter is a Michigan General Law Village, established in 1824.  Our residents are also residents of one of two townships depending on where their home or business is located within the Village.  These are Scio Township and Webster Township, and Village residents also have voting rights and taxpaying responsibilities in the townships.

A Council consisting of seven elected members is the legislative arm of the Village.  The Clerk, who attends all meetings, is the only other elected position.  The daily administration of the Village is the responsibility of the Village Manager.

There are currently 15 full-time employees of the Village.

In addition to elected and full time positions, the Village has several appointed boards and commissions to assist in carrying out the functions required by ordinance, state law or Council direction.  These are the Arts, Heritage and Culture Committee, the Downtown Development Authority, the Economic Development Corporation, the Farmers Market/Community Garden Oversight Committee, the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Planning Commission, the Tree Board, and the Zoning Board of Appeals.


Sustainable Practices

The Waste Knot Awards Program is proud to continue its relationship with the Village of Dexter! The Village of Dexter has an ordinance in place which mandates that all commercial entities participate in their waste hauling contract. They are working with Waste Management to reduce, reuse and increase recycling in commercial and residential businesses. To reduce waste at the facility the company uses double sided printing, electronic documents and e-mail. They also reuse folders, envelopes, boxes mugs, toner cartridges and paper. White paper, computers, cell phones, cardboard, plastic and yard waste is recycled. The Village of Dexter completes the recycling loop by using recycled content items such as hand towels, toilet paper and compost.


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