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610 Phoenix Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105


Business Overview

Locavorious partners with farms in the communities around Ann Arbor, MI.  We offer frozen local fruits and vegetables for retail sale and in the form of community supported agriculture (CSA) shares or subscriptions.  During the harvest, we prepare and package local produce at its peak freshness, and preserve it in a community freezer. Every package includes the name of the farm, the farm location, and the date of harvest.   With Locavorious frozen produce, you get delicious, healthy and locally grown food in the winter months, with outstanding, homegrown taste, plus you help achieve a larger mission of promoting sustainable food systems, preserving family farms, and reducing the energy consumption and footprint of current food distribution.


Sustainable Business Practices

·         Whole business model around 100% local sourcing of food ingredients.

·         Purchase as much certified organic, naturally grown, or chemical-free produce as possible.

·         Compost 100% of “kitchen scraps”. 

·         Use re-usable, recyclable, BPA-free packaging

·         Re-use freezer storage boxes.

·         Minimize use of printed materials via email newsletters and online ordering.

·         Transport food in high efficiency vehicle, averaging 28 mph.

·         Minimize footprint by sharing commercial kitchen and industrial freezer. 

·         Re-use and recycle food transport containers, coordinating with supplying farms.


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