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Ann Arbor, MI


Business Overview

Guardian Tree Experts is a full service tree care company.  We take care of everything from diagnosis and treatment of small shrubs to removals of large, hard-to-access trees.  Tree work is more than just a job to us. We enjoy what we do, and we are constantly trying to learn more about how to care for trees successfully.  Our recommendations and services are based on current scientific research, and we strive to execute our work with precision and care so that you receive the highest value of work available in our area.

Our ongoing commitment to training and education means that we can guarantee the safe performance of high quality tree care on your property.  When you choose Guardian to care for the trees and shrubs on your property, you will be hiring enthusiastic arborists who will treat your property like it was their own.

Furthermore, as your relationship with Guardian grows, you can expect your arborist representative to periodically monitor the status of your property free of charge.  We do this because we know how much you value the trees and shrubs on your property, and we want to help you to protect their health for future generations.

 Specific Services Include:
- Tree & Shrub Pruning
- Tree Removal
- Tree Planting
- Cabling & Bracing
- Lightning Protection
- Fertilization
- Soil Sample Analysis
- Insect & Disease Management
- Root Care & Soil Management
- Mulching & Watering
- PHC Monitoring Program
- Tree Protection for Construction
- Consultation
- Tree Risk Assessment
- Stump Grinding


 Sustainability Overview

As a tree care company, we adhere to the Integrate Pest Management (IPM) approach to treating insects and diseases on our clients' trees. We also are primarily a tree preservation company, not a tree removal service. We use biodegradable chain saw bar oil. We also recycle 100% of the woodchips and wood that we accumulate as a result of our tree care operations, and we put an emphasis on climbing, which reduces the amount of time our trucks are running, but we utilize a bucket from time to time to make things safer and more efficient when necessary.   

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