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School Overview

Once our current remodeling is complete, we will have a wind turbine, solar panels and a partial geothermal system taht will be linked to minotors for classroom instruction. We will also seek LEED Fold certification in our use of materials and practices followed during the renovation. Teachers have planned new curricula to specifically incorporate "green" features of the building and the site. We have been recycling paper and containers since 1991, taking materials to the Drop-Off Station before there was curbside pick-up; over the years we have added what we recycle to include fluorescent bulbs, motor oil, appliances, hard-cover books that are no longer usable (we give usable ones to other agencies when possible), styrofoam and lumber from stage sets. Biology students are studying composting as a science and will then manage the composting of dining room wastes. Last year the school applied to the Michigan Green Schools program for the first time and was granted "Evergreen" status by WISD for the 20 different initiatives that we could document. Unfortunately, we have not worked out monitoring systems to track our recycling volumes or our savings except by the number of rolling cars of recyclables that get picked up each week.


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