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Dexter MIll

Dexter Mill

3515 Church St.
Dexter, MI 48130


Business Overview

The greenhouse will be opening in late April! 

LAWN AND GARDEN - Spring is the time to reseed lawns and pastures that need some extra attention.  We carry a wide variety of lawn, garden, and pasture seed and supplies including spring and fall fertilizers, Sphagnum peat moss, top soil, composted cow manure, lawn and pasture seed, mulches, and soil amendments. We also offer hand tools, shovels, rakes, lawn carts, wheelbarrows, rollers, and pond treatment supplies.

PLANTS AND BULBS - Our spring greenhouse handles annual and perennial flowers, vegetable plants, seed potatoes, bulk garden seed, seed packets, and fall bulbs.

FARM SUPPLIES - Dexter Mill offers a wide selection of farm supplies and products. We have fencing supplies, posts, and fence chargers, stock tanks, hay racks and feeders, chicken and baby chick supplies, and lots more.

WILD BIRD SUPPLIES - We carry top quality suet, seed, feeders, bird and bat houses, squirrel feeders, and peanuts. We make our own bird seed right here in the feed mill. In spring and summer, we have bird baths and in winter, we have bird bath de-icers to provide fresh water all winter. Droll Yankee, Perky Pet, Audobon, Woodlink, Coveside Conservation, and Hookery are all here now. Tired of fighting the squirrels in your feeders? Check out this Droll Yankee Flipper video.

SALT - We carry water softener salt, potassium chloride, safety salt, Knox ice melter, and calcium chloride. We sell safety salt by the pallet at discounted rates or by the bag.

DOG AND CAT - Dexter Mill stocks Frontline Plus, Advantix, and Bio-Spot, and has a large selection of dog and cat foods with many all natural diets available. We also have treats and bones and rawhide made in USA. Collars, leashes, pet dishes, heated pet bowls and buckets, toys, crates, and so much more is available. Come in and see how much we have to offer you and your pets.
Ohio Stoneware | West Paw | Kong | Wholesome Hide | Happy Howie's | Wellness Pet Foods

ANIMAL FEED - We carry the full Purina line of feed and stock dog, cat, rabbit, chicken, guinea pig, ferret, pigeon, sheep, cow, swine, goat, llama, and equine feeds. If we don't have what you need, we can probably order it for you. Dexter Mill also carries corn, oats, wheat, deer corn, and salt blocks, and we can custom mix feed to meet the exact needs of your herd.

EQUINE FEED/SUPPLIES - For horses, we offer a full line of equine supplies including feed, grooming and show supplies, tack and halters, pine shavings and Guardian bedding, supplements, insect and parasite control products, and health supplies. We carry wormer, both daily and rotational, and horse vaccines. You'll find a wide variety of tasty treats for your horses, riding gloves, helmets, and boots for you, too.

We haven't listed everything we carry at Dexter Mills. Email us, or give us a call. Even better, stop and say hello. Like our many happy customers over nearly 28 years, you'll be glad that you did.

Purina Mills backs every product with a written guarantee: "If you are not satisfied with the quality of this product, Purina Mills will replace it...or money back on your last purchase."

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