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Current Motor Company

6241 Jackson Rd.,
Ann Arbor, MI 48103


Business Overview

Current Motor was founded with the vision of combining the performance level of more expensive electric motorcycles with the ease of riding a scooter, all delivered at a fair price and with superior customer service.

Current Motor launched a highly successful Test Pilot program in January, 2011, with some Test Pilots exceeding 6,000 miles per year in their daily commutes. Current Motor began shipping its production Super Scooters in November, 2012. Current Motor is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and our Super Scooters are assembled in Holt, Michigan by the award-winning flex manufacturer, Dakkota Integrated Systems. Current Motor has formed a strategic alliance with Dell for technology, co-marketing and select sales initiatives.

Current Motor is privately held, backed by BELLE Capital, LP, and the State of Michigan.



We believe we must all do our part to make the world a better place, now and for future generations. We believe it’s time for women to take greater leadership in both the private and public sectors to help bring our planet back into balance.

We believe it's essential we reduce our dependence on fossil fuels to help slow global warming. We believe that electric vehicles (EVs), when combined with solar power, can make a significant impact on reducing an individual's carbon footprint. While this is still a very early market, we believe now is the time to lead it with vision, passion and innovation to attract the early adopter customers who can help us grow this into a mainstream market.

We believe that we are in the very early days of a digital mobile lifestyle revolution, which has the potential to change everything from consumer behavior to global politics. The early technology leaders have a tremendous opportunity to catalyze positive changes.



We make best-in-class, all-electric Super Scooters for the Americas, made in Michigan.


Sustainable Business Practices

The experience of driving a Current Motor Super Scooter is different than any other type of vehicle.

The ride is quieter, smoother and more efficient than gas motorcycles or scooters. Current Motor Super Scooters are zero emissions vehicles, which do not produce CO2 greenhouse gas or any other type of emissions that contribute to smog. For the future, we’re developing solar powered accessories to make our scooters greener and even more economical.

Driving a Current Motor Super Scooter reduces consumption of fossil fuels while promoting independence from foreign oil companies. By keeping our energy sources local, we are able to foster a self-sustaining economy that encompasses energy creation and distribution. Drive your point home while saving money, the environment and the economy.


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