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BuildScan Thermography, LLC

2696 Aspen Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Business Overview

Energy Conservation and Management Consultants. Using infrared technology we can pinpoint heat loss areas from insulation deficiencies and air infiltration for homes and businesses alike.  Additionally , the non-invasive technology can be used to find wet spots from previous floods and/or leaking.  


Sustainable Practices

Although our comapny's business is to diagnose buildings and perform energy audits, we spend a great deal of time educating people on how to make their homes more energy efficient. We are partners with DTE/MichCon and supply CFL lamps, set-back thermostats, water restrictors and low-flow shower heads at no cost. We are passionate about conservation and particapte in programs such as "Greening of Milan" and The Earth Day Festival held at Washtenaw Community College. We are also partners with Energy Star.

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