ACH Spring Plant

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Spring St. Plant

128 Spring St.
Ypsilanti, MI 48198


Business Overview

The Automotive Components Holdings plant in Ypsilanti manufactures ignition coils, starter motors, synchronizers and PGM bumper shocks.


Sustainable Business Practices

 Through the implementation of the Environmental Management System, the plants personnel have made a commitment to minimizing the impacts of the plants operations on the environment by recycling materials such as paper, plastic, scrap metal, computers, batteries and fluorescent bulbs. In addition, the Plant reuses paper and encourages electronic communication. ACH was able to reduce hazardous waste by 57.6% from 2002 to 2003 because of new distillation recycling parts washers which allow dirty solvent to be recycled and reused in-plant. ACH has been a certified Waste Knot Partner for the past five years and was certified as a Clean Corporate Citizen on May 27, 2003 by the MDEQ. Their Waste Management and Environmental Action Committee meets to discuss recycling and pollution prevention programs at scheduled meetings. The Committee sets new goals each year and tracks progress on a monthly basis. ACH and Ford Motor Company Environmental Policies include attempting to meet or exceed applicable regulatory and legal requirements, striving for continual improvement in environmental performance, preventing the creation of waste and pollution, and minimizing adverse impacts on the environment. In past years, ACH chose to refurbish rather than landfill out of service fire extinguishers. The company also composted 80 cubic yards of material that otherwise would have been landfilled. The ACH Spring Street facility recently increased their use of returnable packaging. By doing so, they were able to reduce the amount of packaging waste going to the landfill by 100,000 pounds in 2001. The facility also completed a PCB transformer replacement project in 2001. 14 transformers, 11 of which contained PCB fluids, were replaced by 10 energy efficient transformers resulting in an energy savings of approximately 5 million Kilowatt Hours per year. With all of these programs in place, it is not hard to see why the ACH Spring Street Plant was awarded the 2000 Honorable Mention for Environmental Excellence in Waste Reduction and Recycling by Washtenaw County Government.


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