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Automotive Components Holdings Saline

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Automative Components Holdings Logo

Saline Plant

7700 Michigan Ave.
Saline, MI 48176

Business Overview

Since 1966 this has been an automotive manufacturing plant, originally specializing in plastics and trim manufacturing.  In 2012 they announced plans to 'reconfigure and upgrade.'  They currently specialized in plastics, trim pieces, instrument and door panels, consoles, as well as other internal plastic parts.

Sustainable Business Practices

The Automotive Components Holdings plant in Saline strives to be a responsible corporate citizen and to protect the environment. A number of waste prevention, reuse and recycling activities have been implemented in the manufacturing process, as well as within offices. Returnable/reusable dunnages are used on most purchased parts and on virtually all parts shipped to assembly plants. Many unusable plastics are granulated or reground and either reused in the plant or sold for reuse. Empty steel drums are sold or returned to the generator for reuse and refrigerant gas from equipment is recovered and reclaimed on-site by Certified Powerhouse Personnel. Recycling also plays a major role in the Saline Plants waste management practices. Aside from recycling more common items, the plant hydraulic oils are returned to the supplier and reconstituted and re-refined, oil filters are collected and recycled and computers are leased so that at the end of the lease agreement they are either returned to the supplier, sold, or donated. In order to close the recycling loop, recycled content paper, business cards, and toner cartridges are purchased and all production vinyl used at the Plant consists of 30% post-industrial recycled material. The ACH Saline Plant is ISO 14001 certified and, in order to help their waste management program grow and succeed, trains all employees on certification standards.


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