David Osler & Associates

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David W. Osler Associates, Inc.

916 Fuller St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Business Overview

In 1957, Osler became a registered architect in the state of Michigan and established his own firm, David W. Osler, Architect, in the next year. The architectural offices of Osler's firm were housed during his entire career in the historic, towered Washtenaw Light and Power sub-station, which he purchased in a dilapidated state and renovated for his professional use in 1959. He served on many boards and was a member of such groups as the Washtenaw Metropolitan Planning Commission, the Michigan AIA, National AIA Committee on Design, etc. During this 50-year career, Osler and his firm received many honors; including the Michigan AIA Gold Medal Award, "for contributions to principled architectural problem-solving and for consistently high standards of design excellence."  The firm continues to provide high quality Michigan architecture, modern architecture, architectural drawings, presentation boards, photographs, journal articles, award submission notebooks, publicity material, and brief project summaries.


Sustainable Business Practices

The office of David W. Osler Associates, Inc. is increasingly aware of sustainable design not only when providing architectural services to clients, but on a daily basis. Each week their efforts are currently producing 2 to 3 boxes of paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, packaging and computers. Materials and supplies- from mugs and utensils to folders, envelopes, and packing materials are readily reused throughout the office. In order to further help the environment, David W. Osler Associates has made a commitment to purchase environmentally preferable products. Some of the products include recycled content paper, toner cartridges and office furniture. To conserve energy they purchase ENERGY STAR equipment, place external lights on timers, perform routine preventative maintenance and employ night setbacks when building is unoccupied.


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