Living Space

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Living Space, Inc.

1826 Jackson Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Business Overview

Living Space makes green building simple. Living Space was founded on the belief that the benefits of renewable energy and green building can and should be available to all prospective homeowners. Living Space is the first and only Michigan builder that has made it possible to build green at no additional premium cost. No longer do people have to debate the option of going green, we have made it simple and accessible.

Sustainable Business Practices

The reuse and recycling of building materials and the reduction of waste from each construction job is just part of Living Space's sustainable business practices. Use of local suppliers promotes the local economy and reduces our carbon footprint by shortening the distance supplies have to travel to and out of job-sites.  We minimize the disturbance of construction sites and help preserve existing tree and shrubs. We help with reforestation by planting twice the number of trees used for every green home built. We promote filtered city water as opposed to bottled water which requires long transportation and plastic containers and every home we build features renewable energy components as a standard.


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