Kleanthous Family Foot Clinic

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Kleanthous Family Foot Clinic, P.C.

636 N. Main St. Suite 100
Chelsea, MI 48118


Business Overview

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Sustainable Business Practices

Since its induction to the Waste Knot program in 2004, Kleanthous Family Foot Clinic has continued to make great strides in its recycling program. Because Kleanthous is a private practice, they are able to set in place their own recycling policies. Digital imaging is one technique that drastically reduces waste. X-rays are developed through a scanner and computer. This reduces the amount of chemicals used as well as the end-of-life disposal. The x-ray films are reusable, with up to 10,000 x-rays with each film! In addition they reduce waste by double-sided printing, e-mail and electronic documents and reusing folders, envelopes, boxes, packing material and paper. Kleanthous also recycles white paper, cans, packaging materials, fluorescent lights, mixed paper, glass, cardboard and plastic. They complete the recycling loop by purchasing recycled content products such as file folders, hand towels, brochures and cardboard boxes. They also conserve energy by using fluorescent lights, ENERGY STAR equipment and perform routine preventative maintenance on equipment.


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