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Johnson Hill Land Ethics Studio

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516 E. Washington St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Business Overview

The Johnson Hill Land Ethics Studio is a nationally-known land planning and conservation firm, who for the past 15 years has pioneered innovative solutions to land preservation and development issues. We strive to find a balance between land and resource conservation and development, while supporting the preservation of natural resources and the character of local communities.

The Johnson Hill Land Ethics Studio provides comprehensive planning and resource conservation services for public, private, and non-profit clients. We have received national recognition for our work in the area of town character planning, particularly as it relates to historic and open space preservation. Our expertise is principally in the areas of:

- innovative community and land use planning
- Open space planning and design
- Greenways including bicycle / pedestrian trail facilities
- Park and recreation planning and design
- Landscape architecture design and construction
- Community visioning and facilitation
- Streetscape design and downtown redevelopment
- Natural and cultural resource management
- Campus planning and design

Our measure of success in land use policy, planning, and design projects is the extent to which the natural environment remains intact and residents and users feel comfortable and at home. We stress community input in the planning and design process resulting in landscapes where people can feel a part of nature, find the places which they hold most important, and retain links with their heritage. We understand that development is an integral part of growing communities, and is a positive force if carefully planned.


Sustainable Business Practices

The Johnson Hill Land Ethics Studio is a nationally known, award-winning planning and design firm. One of their core goals is balancing environmental sensitivity with practicality and sustainability. In their designs they stress land and water conservation, historical preservation of land and dwellings, open space planning and design and the building of greenways and trails as automobile alternatives to transportation. The JHLE Studio works include numerous conservation subdivision projects throughout Michigan (including small lot, clustered housing designs that preserve 50% or more open space), the use of bioswales, rain gardens, porous pavements and the like to minimize stormwater runoff, and regularly specifying native plantings to preserve our natural resources. In the office they reuse and recycle numerous products and continually update employees on their environmental principles.


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