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Iris Waste Diversion Specialists

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Iris Waste Diversion Specialists

PO Box 5708
Saginaw, MI 48603


Business Overview

Iris Waste Diversion Specialists was established out of a deep respect for the Earth and a desire to protect it through effective education and environmental programs.  After working successfully with programs from grassroots to institutional, Iris set out to help others build programs focused on changing behavior to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Iris takes pride in being resultants rather than consultants in developing, implementing, managing and marketing effective, efficient and sustainable programs. Iris integrates years of hands-on field experience, creativity and professionalism into every project. Our services are tailored to meet our clients’ needs in the areas of recycling, waste reduction, resource recovery, and environmental marketing and education.

Iris offers services in:

  •    Program planning, development, and implementation
  •    Environmental marketing and communications development and management
  •    Graphic design and website design and management
  •    Special event coordination and management
  •    Creation and facilitation of innovative environmental training and education programs

Iris Waste Diversion Specialists can help organizations reach their environmental goals whether establishing a new program or improving an existing one.

Sustainable Business Practices

Environmental Stewardship is a core operating standard for Iris Waste Diversion Specialists employees, whether at the home office or a satellite office, efforts to reduce, reuse or recycle products is an expected practice of all employees  

Utilizing remanufactured office products and/or furniture is important to Iris office sustainability.  Iris purchases products from reuse retailers, thrift shops and similar organizations when necessary.  

When printing materials for customers, presentations, trainings etc., Iris prints on office paper made with at least 30% post-consumer recycled content and identifies this on all publications.  When utilizing an outside source for printing needs Iris uses printers that use recycled paper.  To reduce the need to purchase; two-sided printing is utilized as well as, re-using paper that has printing on only one side.  

Iris employs technology as much as possible for storing, requesting and creating or sending documents via technological resources. 

Iris goes to great lengths to be sure products that are no longer useful are reused or recycled.  Materials that are not taken within the immediate area for reuse or recycling are held until the item(s) can be taken to locations where proper management is available.

The passionate staff of Iris actively promotes and lives as waste-free as possible while making a conscious effort to serve as an environmentally responsible model for our clients and others.  Not only do Iris employees realize their personal impact on the environment they actively volunteer in programs that promote waste reduction activities as well.


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