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Infrared Energy Analysis, LLC

920 Loyola St. Suite 101
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Business Overview

Specializes in resolving cold, drafty, overheated uncomfortable homes.  Years of experience coupled with cutting edge technology diagnosing and reducing high home heating and cooling costs.  Prepares a full report containing thermal digital images providing visual documentation, cost-effective improvement recommendations and more.


Sustainable Business Practices

Our company helps reduce energy consumption for both residential and commercial structures by providing analysis identifying areas of heating, cooling and electrical in-efficiencies followed by remedial solutions. On average, existing residential structures can reduce energy consumption by 25% with retrofitting and new residential construction by even greater amounts. Our commitment to the three R's can be seen in how we handle paper. To reduce, we use paperless invoicing. The paper that we do use, we then reuse and eventually recycle. To close the loop, the paper we purchase comes from recycled material. We also save energy by using compact fluorescent light bulbs and Energy Star equipment and by employing night setbacks and putting our external lights on timers.


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