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Horiba Instruments

5900 Hines Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Business Overview

 Horiba Instruments is the world's leading supplier of engine exhaust analyzers and instrumentation. In addition, Horiba is a key manufacturer of scientific analyzers, environmental monitoring equipment, analytically equipment for the semi-conductor industry, and medical analyzers. Horiba's Ann Arbor office is part of the Engine Measurement Division. The products of this division are designed to measure and reduce pollution in order to better serve manufacturers and suppliers in industries that utilize internal combustion and turbine engines. 


Sustainable Business Practices

Horiba Instruments is currently certified under ISO 14001, which is a voluntary environmental management standard recognized internationally. In addition to this certification, Horiba has managed to recycle 80 % of their previous waste stream since February 2003. Horiba reduces paper waste through double-sided printing, electronic communication and paperless invoicing. In addition, Horiba reuses kitchenware, paper products, toner cartridges, boxes and packing material in the office. The office is able to reduce its garbage collection through these waste reduction initiatives, in addition to recycling paper, containers, wood debris, yard waste, scrap metal, computers, fluorescent lights and cell phones. Horiba also contributes to the recycling industry by purchasing recycled content copier and toilet paper, cardboard boxes, and file folders. Education at a facility of 116 employees is integral to Horibas waste reduction success and Horiba has created a written statement defining preferred waste reduction and energy conservation practices such as employing night setbacks. An employee oversees their program to ensure new employees are introduced to the recycling program and current employees are encouraged and reminded to continue using it.


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