Home Repairs By Gary Hochgraf

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2740 Packard St. Suite A30
Ann Arbor, MI 48108


Business Overview

Home Repairs by Gary Hochgraf is an Ann Arbor based handyman service, specializing in small to medium jobs. While I can build improvements for your house, my focus is on repair of existing structures. Call me for plaster work, including wet plaster on lath and textured work. Call me for doors, drawers and windows that don't close properly. I'll repair and replace damaged or missing woodwork, trim and siding. I fix houses!

Sustainable Practices

Home Repairs by Gary Hochgraf is a bicycle-based business. While most contractors drive a large pickup or van, don't be surprised to see me arrive on a bicycle with trailer.

By repairing your existing structure, I help you to get more out of your home without consuming large quantities of new materials for new construction or additions. I will help you save money with weatherization and other energy saving work. And, I will recycle any waste that can be recycled.

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