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Carol L. Hoffer, CLU

120 E. Liberty St. Suite 360
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Business Overview

We provide you with access to a nationwide network of representatives, advisors and specialists—people who have invested their time and developed their talents to become experts and they have the knowledge that comes only from experience.

What’s paramount is to have a flexible approach with complementary solutions. We strive to call on the full capabilities of Northwestern Mutual, providing our clients with financial services that allow them to feel assured that their intentions have been understood and their needs are being addressed.

Carol Hoffer specializes in long term-care financial issues along with a twenty year career in family counseling. Carol was a medical social worker for five years in a local home health care agency. Carol understands the multi-generational issues that are both financial and emotional.  Chartered Advisor for Senior Living (CASL) was earned in 2007.


Sustainable Business Practices

Carol Hoffer, a Financial Representative with the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, has taken the initiative to reduce waste in her office. Ms. Hoffer employs many paper-saving practices, including double-sided printing, paperless invoicing and communicating with clients using electronic documents and email. In addition, she reuses many typical office products, including folders, envelopes, boxes, toner cartridges and coffee mugs, in order to reduce waste from its source. Even after all of this, Ms. Hoffer finds time to recycle white paper and cans, which she delivers to a transfer station by herself. Ms. Hoffer also saves energy in her office by using compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs, by enabling ENERGY STAR features on her office equipment and placing external lights on timers. Ms. Hoffers commitment to the environment makes her a role model for members of the financial community.


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