Hobbs and Black Associates

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100 N. State St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Business Overview

Hobbs & Black is a nationally recognized firm serving a diverse group of clients since 1965.  Over 100 professionals provide architectural, engineering, design services and related consulting services from their offices across America.

They offer a full range of services including:
- Facility Audit & Site Analysis
- Site Planning, Design & Zoning
- Facility Programming
- Master & Space Planning
- Architectural & Structural Engineering Design
- Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Design
- Contract Document Development
- Interior Design & Procurement
- Signage Design & Implementation
- Relocation Management
- Post Completion Evaluation


Sustainable Business Practices

Hobbs & Black Association is an architectural firm located in Ann Arbors historically significant Old Fourth Ward. The business practices reuse right down to the various buildings their offices are located in. The stone church, parsonage and three Huron Street houses were falling to ruin before the company decided to restore them for their use. Hobbs & Black practices reuse on an equally grand scale, by reusing office paper for draft printing, note pads, drawing paper, folders, envelopes, boxes, mugs, toner cartridges and foam core boards. The use of double-sided printing, e-mail, message routing and a central bulletin board for staff communication decreases the use of paper within the organization. Recycling items such as paper, scrap metal, fluorescent lights, cardboard and aluminum is also commonplace to employees. Hobbs & Black also completes the recycling loop by buying recycled content products such as copier paper, envelopes, file folders, hand towels, toilet paper, plastic desk top organizers, garbage bags and cardboard boxes.


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