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Heart and Soul Landscaping, Inc.

1715 Chandler Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105


Business Overview & Sustainable Business Practices

Heart & Soul is a company out of Ann Arbor that specializes in construction, demolition and landscaping, and incorporates green practices into their services. In order to reduce waste on-site, double-sided printing, e-mail, paperless invoicing, and electronic documents are used. In the office, employees work to reuse items such as, folders, mugs, utensils, envelopes, boxes, and packing material. In the field, materials from demolition sites are often either preserved or restored and used in other building projects. White and mixed paper, cardboard, cans, glass, plastics, packaging materials, wood debris, and yard waste are all recycled each week. Heart & Soul also uses many materials that are made from recycled products, such as copier paper, letterhead, garbage bags, envelopes, business cards, toilet paper, cardboard boxes, file folders, brochure/flyer paper, compost, hand towels, recycled feedstock, and containers. The staff at Heart & Soul is encouraged to participate in waste reduction and recycling processes and is rewarded for doing so. Energy Conservation is yet another area where Heart & Soul has shown excellence. They have replaced their old incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, purchased Energy Star rated office equipment, performed routine maintenance on all equipment, and employed night setbacks and temperature control measures for the building when unoccupied.


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