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3901 Ann Arbor-Saline Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103


Business Overview

We collect discarded coffee grounds and process them for market as multiple products including : worm food and gardening product, modeling claylike product or play-doh. We promote recycling and provide demonstration on making play-doh out of coffee grounds for projects that use modeling compounds. We have recently made a visit to the University of Michigan Child Care center with 15 pounds of coffee grounds and made play-doh with the kids.


Sustainable Business Practices

For a number of years GroundsUp has been collecting and processing coffee grounds for numerous applications: potting soil mix, worm food, and other products. For the last three years we have collected discarded burlap bags from coffee specialty shops and sewn them into sacks for resale with one of our products. We have two other products in development for heat and fuel: burnable pellets and logs. For storing our coffee grounds we use compost bins and have recycled oak pallets.


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