Goetzcraft Printers

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975 Phoenix Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108


Business Overview

Goetzcraft Printers has been operating in Ann Arbor for 5 generations. Their services include full color and black & white printing, graphic design, desktop publishing, mailing services, and bindery and finishing.


Sustainable Business Practices

Goetzcraft is committed to reducing waste as a printing service, and serves as a member of the Great Printers Association, an organization committed to reducing impact on the environment by the printing industry in Michigan. Goetzcraft was a pioneer in investing in Direct to Plate equipment which completely eliminates environmentally harmful chemicals, most importantly silver, in their pre-press process. They encourage electronic communication between staff members and reuses kitchenware, paper products, toner cartridges and boxes in order to reduce waste. They also retrieve waste oil for recovery, participate in a waste exchange, and contract a laundry service to wash hand towels. Goetzcraft has been able to decrease their garbage collection by these waste reduction initiatives as well as by recycling cardboard, packaging materials, wood debris, scrap metal, batteries and fluorescent light bulbs. Employees are educated about waste reduction at the workplace and are encouraged to bring in their household recyclables. Goetzcrafts commitment to minimizing their impact on the environment is also evident with their consistent purchase of recycled content cardboard boxes and their use of night setbacks to conserve energy.


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