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G.E. Wacker, Inc.

9050 MI State Rd. 52
Manchester, MI 48158


Business Overview

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Sustainable Business Practices

G.E. Wacker, Inc. is a leader in environmental initiatives. Their latest and greatest achievement is the successful sales of B20 bio-diesel fuel. Currently, they are one of the nations top sellers of bio-diesel. This fuel is a hybrid between processed vegetable oil and standard diesel fuel. Any diesel engine can use B20 without alterations. In addition, G.E. Wacker is committed to recycling, as their facility is the Sharon Township recycling center. They recycle everything possible and if they cannot recycle it today, they will store it until recycling becomes available. G.E. Wacker also reuses everything possible. G.E. Wacker orders signs double sided so that after 3 months of use they simply flip them around, which saves on shipping and signage materials. They refurbished their coolers and freezers to prolong their lives. Waste oil from the truck fleet is collected and burned in a furnace to heat over half of the shop/warehouse area. All cardboard boxes are stored and reused. They also push for customer environmental stewardship by discounting beverages if customers refill their own cup and trading in used tanks when a customer needs a larger storage tank. They permit some companies to bring in waste oil and discourage customers from using unnecessary plastic bags. They are also committed to energy conservation as they have placed external lights on timers, use fluorescent bulbs and purchase equipment with ENERGY STAR features. Also, this past year they remodeled their building, replacing the doors and windows to slow heat loss and save energy.


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