Fran Coys Salon

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418 S. Wagner Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI


Business Overview and Sustainable Practices

Established in 1977, Fran Coys Salon and Spa is a full service salon, spa and medical spa. The salon recently underwent a dramatic remodel and expansion which has increased our awareness for the need to recycle. Fran Coys currently employs over 50 employees who are encouraged to preserve our environment and the community. The building itself was built with energy savings in mind: the walls are constructed with (ICF) insulated concrete forms. Its the most energy efficient material available at this time. All of our external lights are equipped with timers and we are in the process of adding motion sensors to our interior lights. We have purchased many items for design, equipment, office related items and storage from other businesses such as resale shops, liquidations sales and auctions. The salon uses temperature control in areas that are not in use. All of our computers and copiers are Energy Star equipped. We use an internal e-mail system to communicate throughout the salon and we have been doing e-mailings to our current clients to cut down on paper waste. The salon operates a comprehensive waste reduce, reuse and recycle program. Two staff members volunteer their time to organize and self-haul the recyclables. Bottles from tint, shampoo, conditioner, perm and water are just a few of the plastic items we are able to spare from the landfills. Paper and cardboard also make up a huge part of what we are able to recycle. Cardboard boxes and packing material are offered to clients for moving or storage. We use mugs and glasses that are washable throughout the salon. Our most recent and innovative eco friendly decision was to donate and send all of our hair clippings to a recycling depot in California to be made into hair mats used to contain and soak up oil spills.


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