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Forefront Corporation

1516 Normandy Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Business Overview

Forefront International Corporation started in 1997 as a specialist in European languages. Over the last 15 years we have gradually expanded to the point where we now offer our services in more than 35 world languages and cultures. These services include language classes, interpreting, translating, cross cultural training and destination services.


Our team of over 85 professional language and culture experts works with multinationals, law offices, government institutions and cultural organizations worldwide. We bring internationally operating companies to the forefront by helping them overcome the challenges of working with different languages and cultures.

Forefront International helps you speak the language of your customers!


Sustainable Business Practices

Forefront Corporation provides a variety of international business services including cultural trainings, language services, sales seminars and business advice. Waste reduction is central to Forefronts purchasing practices. Not only are recycled content copier and brochure paper, envelopes, file folders, garbage bags and bathroom supplies purchased on a regular basis, but printer cartridges are sent back to the company to be refilled and only rechargeable batteries are used. Other waste-reducing strategies employed by Forefront are the use of double-sided printing, email, paperless invoicing and electronic documents. Materials reused include one-sided paper, office supplies, packing materials and mugs. Their commitment to recycling is so strong that recyclables, including white and mixed paper, cardboard and wood debris, are self-hauled to the Washtenaw County Regional Drop-Off Station. The company is also dedicated to saving energy and demonstrates this by installing variable frequency drives wherever possible, employing night setbacks when the office is unoccupied, and by performing routine preventative maintenance on major equipment such a refrigeration units and air handling systems.


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