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Ford Motor Company Rawsonville Plant

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Ford Motor Company - Rawsonville Plant

10300 Textile Rd.
Ypsilanti, MI 48197


Business Overview

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Sustainable Business Practices

The Ford Rawsonville Plant is a supplier of automotive parts and components. They been certified to ISO 14001 environmental standards since 1998 and their program includes such components as solid waste reduction, energy efficiency, hazardous waste reduction, used oil recycling, and air emissions reduction. In a single year Ford collected 8,543,948 pounds of metal, 5,328 cubic yards of cardboard, 30,920 wooden pallets, 26,000 pounds of returnable dunnage, 3,656 gallons or motor oil, and 2,060 empty drums for recycling. Items such as paper, cardboard, packaging materials, wood, scrap metal, and computers are also recycled by the facility. They also reuse a variety of materials including envelopes, boxes, packing materials, toner cartridges, and aluminum and have managed to decrease their trash compactor pick-up schedule by two days a week. The Ford Rawsonville Plant is committed to evaluating product and manufacturing processes for pollution prevention and waste recycling opportunities to identify efficiency improvements.


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