Feedom Township

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Freedom Township

11508 Pleasant Lake Rd.
Manchester, MI 48158

Business Overview

Freedom Township was formed on March 7, 1834 by the Legislative Council of the Territory of Michigan, splitting off Town 3S, Range 4E from then Dexter Township. The first township meeting was held April 7, 1834 at the home of Henry M. Griffin, who became the first township supervisor. The name for the township evolved after considerable dispute, whereupon someone expressed that a good deal of freedom should be exercised in such matters, and that name was then proposed and adopted.

Freedom Township is located in the southwest quadrant of Washtenaw County, Michigan, approximately eight miles southwest of the City of Ann Arbor. Township boundaries are two miles from the Village of Manchester, and five miles from the City of Chelsea. The township still maintains a unique rural character in rapidly growing Washtenaw County. Several agricultural enterprises produce potatoes, feed corn, soybeans and apples, as well as dairy and beef cattle. Historic farmhouses mix with scattered new homes, with Pleasant Lake, located in the center of the township, providing recreational opportunities. Several sand and gravel extraction operations and small industrial businesses round out the township’s enterprises.


Sustainable Practices

Freedom Townships government office practices recycling and they help their residents recycle as well. They send out newsletters about recycling opportunities such as clean-up days and helpful hints on recycling correctly. In the office they recycle various materials, reuse boxes, and buy recycled content paper. There is a written statement defining the waste reduction practices and a designated employee to oversee the program.


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