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Elastizell Corporation of America

7900 Second St.
Dexter, MI 48130

Business Overview

Elastizell Corporation of America specializes in the testing, manufacture and distribution of materials and equipment for cellular concrete applications.

Sustainable Business Practices

Elastizell Corporation of America researches and develops products for use in the manufacture of cellular Elastizell concrete. They minimize their products environmental impact by recycling the rinse water after each day of manufacturing and excess research concrete mixes are cast into usable blocks, rather than being thrown away. For these and other reasons, Elastizell insulating concrete is recognized as a "Green building material and has been used in several LEED certified projects.

Elastizell continues to investigate and approve use of waste materials such as fly ashes removed from coal burning power plants and Cement Kiln Dust collected from cement plant smoke stacks. A newer implemented project is the possible reuse of recycled glass powders in cellular concrete applications. These waste materials are used in large scale projects all over the country, thus reducing the amount of these materials that would otherwise be placed in landfills.

In addition to these activities, Elastizell Corporation of America also reuses and recycles many items from their office area including office furniture, paper, cardboard, packing material, plastic, glass, scrap metal, computers, batteries, fluorescent lights, ink jet cartridges, and motor oil. After using paper on both sides, it is shredded and used for packing material. Elastizell has gutted an old house on their property and recycled everything possible.  In addition, they recycle old chest freezers as concrete specimen curing tanks. Recently they resized theirsample box shipping containers to make them more easily reusable by their applicators. As a result, their applicators will be returning test samples in these recycled cardboard boxes. They have made a major effort in developing methods of carbon sequestration and are attempting to reduce greenhouse gasses by creating ways of entraining carbon dioxide, flue gasses and other carbon sources in cellular concrete.  

In the past year they have participated in DTE's Energy Efficiency Program for Business and replaced several old furnaces with a new High Efficiency furnaces.  They are looking into replacing our older shop lights with newer, higher efficiency lighting, while always turning off all electronics/lights that are not needed at the moment and have put all outdoor lighting are on sensors and timers.  Elastizell continues to promote and practice the three R's (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and even take items that are not picked up by local curbside service over to the Washtenaw County Regional Drop-Off Station and pays the required fees.  They pride themselves on waste reduction practices and are always on the lookout for new innovative practices to adopt.


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