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Dynamic Edge, Inc.

2245 S. State St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Business Overview

Dynamic Edge is a full service IT and business consulting company that helps small and medium sized businesses make smart decisions about their technology. Besides the every day trouble shooting of servers and desktop computers, Dynamic Edge also provides networking, web design and hosting, custom programming and custom financial reporting, purchasing, and training. We have even accommodated requests for HR and marketing assistance. Dynamic Edge's service to the business community is continually answering the question, "How can we make your investment in technology pay off."


Sustainable Business Practices

As technology and business consultants, Dynamic Edge is in the unique position to not only use ecologically sound technologies in their office, but also to recommend and endorse the same practices to other businesses. One example is the ability to support and consult businesses about the technology necessary to move toward a paperless office. Dynamic Edge uses and recommends the following equipment and policies to their clients: scanners to scan, organize and share documents electronically, Adobe software to print in a PDF format rather than to paper, dual monitors to increase efficiency and curtail the need to compare paper documents, and electronic communications. It is estimated that the average office worker uses 12,000 pieces of paper a year Dynamic Edge is proud to be part of reducing that statistic.


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