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2813 Boardwalk Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Business Overview

Dunn Blue Reprographics has been in business for over 69 years. Originally founded in Detroit in 1940, our company services a variety of Architectural, Engineering, and Contractor Clientele as well as other Customers within Educational Institutes, Private and Public Sectors, including Cities, Municipalities, Utilities & Government Customers. Over the years, we have reproduced Large & Small Format Copying, Color Copying , Large and Small Color Graphics for various companies in the Southeastern Michigan Area.

As technology developed, the President of Dunn Blue moved forward to acquire more technological equipment and develop better software for our Clients needs.

Our Services include:

  • Large & Small Black & White Copying
  • Large & Small Color Graphics
  • Bindery Services
  • Digital Scanning Services
  • Digital Document Management Systems PlanWELL
  • Remote Printing to Out-State Sites and abroad
  • Web Site Design
  • Color Vehicle Wraps
  • On-Site Facilities Management for Printing & Copying needs
  • Our Green Plan A Recycle Program offering Recycled Bond Paper, Poster & Binders Material AND our own internal Recycling Plan.


Sustainable Practices 

Dunn Blue is embarking on a more Customer-orientated recycle program, not just our own internal recycling methods that we have been doing over the past years. Our Program is called the GreenPlan! You will see more of this expression in our Products & Services in the months to come.

Embracing environmental principles today is both responsible corporate stewardship, and an inspirational promotional message that invokes community action and a healthy respect for environmental causes of all kinds.

As reprographers, we are highly sensitive to our role as consumers of paper products and the resources to deliver them.

We are also sensitive to the needs of our Customers, and the necessity for accurate, timely, and reproducible documentation to keep construction the worlds largest industry up and running.

Balancing the equation of environmental responsibility, corporate stewardship and customer service poses a serious challenge, but it is one we have embraced whole-heartedly.

  • We are actively exploring the use of more post-consumer recycled material in our media.
  • Our technology both our applications as well as our digital network reduce the material consumption and the emissions associated with delivering our products and services.
  • We are actively encouraging our media and equipment vendors to provide more environmentally friendly solutions.
  • Our deliveries are made by our fleet of drivers more and more of whom are using environmentally friendly vehicles.
  • Since becoming 100% digital in our print production, most of our paper products are now recyclable a far cry from the one-time use of old-style diazo (ammonia processed Blueprints) reproduction.

While none of these solutions is perfect, all of them can improve with advances in time, technology, manufacturing techniques, and availability of materials.

That is why we are developing a GreenPlan that is grounded in the here, the now, and the possible!  Please click to view our GreenPlan.

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