Dragons Lair Futons

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Dragons Lair Futons

2231 W. Liberty St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Business Overview

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Sustainable Business Practices

Dragons Lair Futons specializes in American made solid wood bedrooms, dining rooms, futon frames, coffee tables, end tables, entertainment centers, desks, bunk beds and more. Waste reduction is an integral part of Dragons Lairs routine. Old mattresses are donated to Dawn Farms or sent back to the manufacturer for reprocessing. Cardboard is another large part of their waste stream and Dragons Lair has made sure this valuable resource is recycled by having a separate container on the premises just for cardboard recycling. These notable waste reduction initiatives are paired with paper waste reduction through double-sided printing and electronic communication, reuse of kitchenware, folders, boxes, and packing material and reuse of the backside of faxes. The shop also recycles paper, containers, packaging materials and wood debris. New employees are educated about these reduction, reuse and recycling procedures and current staff are encouraged and reminded to continue the procedures. Dragons Lair has designated an employee to oversee the recycling procedures for the six person staff. Dragons Lair also contributes to the recycling industry by purchasing recycled content envelopes, toilet paper, and hand towels.


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