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210 S. Ashley St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Business Overview

 Downtown Home and Garden is the heartbeat of a changing community. We have evolved from a feed and seed farm store to a modern emporium for fine housewares and gardening equipment. We love to showcase our rich history as a hundred-year-old downtown retailer, but we survive by our willingness to adapt to change. We strive to make ourselves ever-more useful to our customers and the extended community by providing trustworthy information and full service. Our mission is to filter out poorly made or useless, trendy items. We choose products because we believe in their worth. We shop for you as though we were shopping for ourselves, always with an eye to lasting value. Our business is long-lived, and the products we sell will endure as well.


Sustainable Practices

In recent years, our store has become the first stop for organic gardeners in the Ann Arbor area. We advise our customers on a wide variety of "greener" gardening practices, including composting, green manure, rainwater reclamation, organic fertilizers, organic weed prevention and lawn care, and organic pest control. We sell appropriate products for organic gardening, many of them OMRI certified, as well as organic seeds and seedlings. We maintain a rigorous recycling program within the store for cardboard, waste paper, packing materials and wooden pallets, as well as reusing shipping boxes and packing materials.


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