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812 Monroe St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Business Overview

Features sandwiches, pasta, finger food, blocks of cheese, Sangria and the Constant Buzz.  A wide variety of other drinks and food are available too from this cafeteria style, self-serve restaurant.  Open from Spring to Fall, and closed in the Winter, they offer two level seating and two patios.


Sustainable Business Practices

Dominick's, a restaurant located near the University of Michigan's Law Quad, in Ann Arbor, is continuously conscientious of recycling everything possible. The restaurant recycles everything from paper and glass to packaging supplies. They do not supply napkin containers in the restaurant, instead they give each customer one or two napkins and ask that they come get more if needed, reducing the amount of paper used. Dominick's also practices waste reduction activities by using double-sided printing and reusing boxes, mugs, and utensils. The restaurant also conserves water; dirty plates are soaked in a pan of water instead of being rinsed by a continuous flow from the faucet. Windows are now cleaned with vinegar instead of ammonia. Brown paper towels made from recycled content materials are purchased as well as recycled content envelopes and cardboard boxes. Since Dominick's put these waste reduction activities into practice, they have cut their quantity of land filled waste in half. Dominick's is also committed to energy conservation by using new fluorescent bulbs, performing routine preventative maintenance on equipment and reducing temperatures when the building is unoccupied.

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