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Dominant Systems Corporation

4201 Varsity Dr. Suite D
Ann Arbor, MI 48108


Business Overview

Founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1987, Dominant Systems began as a value-added reseller of high-performance PC equipment. Specializing in UNIX and local area networking, we made the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies by 1991. Today, we offer award-winning consulting, project management, and technical support services for small to medium sized businesses throughout metro Detroit, southeastern Michigan and northern Ohio. From a single file server to an enterprise network, our experienced and certified staff can help you integrate and manage your business technology. 

Our holistic approach to building and supporting reliable, secure networks is unique in the industry. We believe there are three distinct types of threats to any corporate network: internal threats, external threats, and hardware/software failures. We can help you guard against all three. Our goal when building networks is to minimize unplanned network outages and to guarantee the safety and integrity of your data. Whether you have a five-user network or an enterprise environment, we offer security and reliability that fits your timeline and your budget. 


Sustainable Business Practices

Dominant Systems improves the reliability and enhances the functionality of today's business technology through integration and management of a full spectrum of software, hardware, and network systems. They are personally committed to waste reduction by encouraging electronic communication between staff members and recommending their customers recycle their computer hardware. Dominant Systems reuses kitchenware, boxes and packing material. Electronic communication is utilized for sales invoices and software licenses, which eliminates the need for paper storage or waste. They have been able to reduce their garbage collection by recycling paper, cardboard and containers for their 12-person staff. Dominant Systems helps close the recycling loop by using recycled content letterhead, envelopes, file folders, hand towels, toilet paper and facial tissue. Dominant Systems encourages recycling in the office by designating an employee to oversee their recycling program and encourage fellow staff members to take advantage of it. Employees are further encouraged to recycle through proactive initiatives, such as moving bins to more accessible locations in common paper waste areas. Dominant Systems also conserves energy by purchasing ENERGY STAR equipment and reducing temperatures when building is unoccupied.


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