Dixboro General Store

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Dixboro General Store Logo
5206 Plymouth Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105


Business Overview

The Dixboro General Store is a furniture and home accessory retail store offering customers a wide variety items including candles, accessories, souvenirs, bath & body products, lighting, greenhouse, edible items and much more!


Sustainable Business Practices

The store recycles a wide range of items including packaging materials, wood debris and Styrofoam. They have also noticed a decrease in their garbage collection through their reuse of items like folders, boxes and toner cartridges. Not only does the store practice waste reduction activities among employees, but they also encourage others to do the same. The company urges its suppliers to use recycled packaging for deliveries. If a supplier sends merchandise using wasteful packaging, the employees from the Dixboro General Store will opt to pick up future deliveries instead of having it shipped. They worked with their candlemaker to stop using Styrofoam trays for packaging and switch to cardboard inserts, helping to conserve natural resources. They also donate all foam peanuts to local packaging stores and reuse boxes for all out-going shipments.

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