Cybernet Systems Corporation

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Cybernet Systems Corporation

727 Airport Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Business Overview

Cybernet Systems Corporation is a research and development company that develops technology and commercializes products that combine software intelligence, network connectivity, robotics, and man-machine interaction. Since 1988, Cybernet has completed hundreds of research contracts and is the largest Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) winner in the State of Michigan.

Sustainable Business Practices

Cybernet Systems Corporation is a research engineering and manufacturing company dedicated to amplifying human performance through advanced technology. The goals of Cybernet are to conserve precious resources, serve as a positive role model to other businesses and improve employee morale. Their program has produced great results. Engineers specify recycled materials to be used in new designs. Paper consumption is reduced by the use of a central bulletin board and on-line documents. Employees are offered bonuses for cost reduction, which is a direct result of recycling programs. Cybernet also participates in Recycle Ann Arbors Commercial Recycling program and purchases many different recycled-content products such as copier paper, envelopes, file folders, letterhead, business cards, brochure/flyer paper, calculator tape, garbage bags, cardboard boxes and toner cartridges in order to help close the recycling loop. In addition they conserve energy by purchasing ENERGY STAR equipment and performing routine maintenance on equipment.


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