Colonial Square Cooperative

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Colonial Square Cooperative

3012 Williamsburg Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108


Organization Overview

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Sustainable Business Practices

Colonial Square Cooperative was one of the first housing cooperatives in the city of Ann Arbor to start recycling. Each month their newsletter provides recycling and waste reduction information. Colonial Square chips its landscaping waste, actively participates in grass-cycling (leaving the grass clippings on the lawn) and composts leaves for use in gardens. Old furniture and equipment is reused or recycled. Utilizing message routing and a central bulletin board allows the Cooperative to reduce the amount of paper used. As well as recycling more common items, they also recycle bulk aluminum, steel, brass, copper, and waste oils. Colonial is also efficient at completing the recycling loop by buying products made with recycled materials such as copier paper, envelopes, file folders, hand towels, letterhead, business cards, brochure/flyer paper, calculator tape, toilet paper, plastic desk top organizers, garbage bags and cardboard boxes. They are also very energy efficient because they use fluorescent light bulbs, purchase ENERGY STAR office equipment and place external lights on timers. Overall, Colonial Square Cooperative provides an exemplary model of a multi-family complex committed to environmental stewardship.


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