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100 N. Harris St.
Saline, MI 48176

Organization Overview

The City of Saline has offered single-stream, curb-side recycling to residential customers for many years.  In 2011, the program was expanded to make single-stream recycling available to multi-family complexes that use dumpsters for trash collection.  Businesses can choose single-stream or corrugated recycling as best fits their waste stream.  Additionally, the City provides drop off locations for batteries, rechargeable batteries, cell phones, and ink cartridges.  Yard waste is collected curb-side for composting April through November and a fall leaf pickup collects leaves for composting.  The Environmental Commission hosts electronic recycling events at least once a year.

Sustainable Practices

City offices reduce garbage collection by encouraging the recycling of paper materials, containers and packaging materials, pallets, yard waste, scrap metal, computers and fluorescent lights.  In addition, the City reuses boxes and packing materials and utilizes hand driers in restrooms to reduce paper waste. Double-sided printing is encouraged and toner cartridges are returned to the manufacturer for reuse.  Energy Star features are used in the office such as sleep mode on office equipment and they employ night setbacks when buildings are unoccupied.  The City utilizes specialty waste haulers to prevent hazardous waste from going to landfills.  Waste oil, street sweepings, sewer debris, tires, and fluorescent lights are all segregated and disposed of properly.  New employees are introduced to the recycling program and are reminded to continue using recycling during their tenure with the City.


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