City of Chelsea

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305 S. Main St. Suite 100
Chelsea, MI 48118


Organization Overview

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Sustainable Practices

The City of Chelsea has been offering curbside recycling to its residents for many years through its partnership with the Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority. The City promotes recycling and waste reduction through financial incentives with their pay-as-you-throw garbage system, where residents must buy special garbage bags to place their garbage out for curbside collection. The City saves thousands of dollars for many of its businesses by offering free corrugated cardboard recycling picked up with City-owned trucks. The City's administrative offices reduce garbage collection by encouraging the use of scrap paper for notes, double-sided copying, and electronic communication. The offices also promote office paper recycling. In addition to recycling paper materials, containers and packaging materials, scrap metal, computers and cell phones, the City reuses folders and paper items as well. They also participate in waste oil recovery to reduce hazardous waste going to local landfills. The City buys recycled content paper products for their office operation and also conserves energy by enabling ENERGY STAR features such as sleep mode on office equipment and employing night setbacks when buildings are unoccupied.  New employees are introduced to the recycling program and are reminded to continue using recycling during their tenure with the City.


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