Chelsea Milling Company

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Chelsea Milling Company

PO Box 460
201 W. North St.
Chelsea, MI 48118

Business Overview

Chelsea Milling Company is operated by a family whose roots in the flour milling business date back to the early 1800s. We have been milling flour here in Chelsea for over 120 years.  Mabel White Holmes, grandmother of our President, Howdy S. Holmes, developed and introduced to the homemaker the first prepared baking mix product, “JIFFY” Baking Mix, in the spring of 1930. We currently offer a variety of “JIFFY” mixes. Our mixes provide you, our consumer, with the best value available.

Chelsea Milling Company is a complete manufacturer. We store wheat. We mill wheat in to flour. We use that flour for our own mixes. We make our own “little blue” boxes. We do it all-that’s why our mixes provide you with the best possible value. Value is using the highest quality ingredients and the best price!

Our entire operation is located in Chelsea, Michigan and our product is shipped out to all 50 states, as well as some foreign countries through the United States Military.


Sustainable Business Practices

The Chelsea Milling Company is home to the famous Jiffy Mix sold to supermarkets and retail store throughout the nation. With more than a million boxes of mix manufactured a day, this company has the potential to produce a lot of waste! Instead, the company has worked hard with suppliers to reduce the amount of shipping waste that enters the facility by eliminating plastic liners in bags that were otherwise recyclable. It has also devised a system to collect any mix that falls on the floor during production, which is then sold to a company that cleans and recycles the wasted mix into animal feed. All these efforts resulted in a tremendous decrease in wastefrom 180 yards per week to 90 yards per month. Another new initiative that involves the bulk storage of mix ingredients is being put in place in order to further reduce the amount of waste being generated at the facility. This year Chelsea Milling Company plans to construct a bulk storage facility to reduce the need for small packaging disposal. Chelsea Milling Company is always searching for new waste reduction ideas to be implemented. Knowing that waste reduction is a better waste management practice than recycling, the companys main goal now is to, through waste reduction practice, eliminate the need to recycle altogether! The company is also very energy efficient because it uses ENERGY STAR rated office equipment, places external lights on timers, performs routine preventative maintenance on equipment, installs variable air volume systems, replaces old fluorescent fixtures with new bulbs and ballasts and installs variable frequency drives.


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