Cartridge World

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1958 S. Industrial Hwy. Suite C
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
P: 734.213.1739
F: 7374.213.2564


Business Overview

Cartridge World Ann Arbor's business is reusing and recycling. The company refills inkjet and remanufactures laser toner cartridges for a substantial savings to the customer. Each cartridge received has to undergo a rigorous inspection, cleaning, remanufacture, and final inspection, before it can be packaged for sale. On average, ink jet cartridges may be refilled 4-5 times, and laser cartridges 10-12 times.  We test 100% of our cartridges for quality, and guarantee satisfaction. Cartridge World also delivers free to area businesses.


Sustainable Business Practices

There are several fundraising programs available with community groups in which Cartridge World pays for empty cartridges, which can then be refilled or recycled, preventing them from ever seeing a landfill. Further, the Cartridge World corporate franchise is an EPA Waste Wise member, and dedicated to expanding the use of recycled products in each of the 46 countries Cartridge World has a presence. Whenever possible, we use email to communicate with customers, reducing the use of paper and envelopes. Cartridge World limits the use of cardboard boxes for individual cartridges, and encourages the use of reusable cloth bags for purchases. Within the store we reuse paper for testing cartridges, recycle cartridges that can no longer be refilled or remanufactured, and recycle empty plastic ink and toner bottles. Paper packing supplies and cardboard are reused or recycled. The staff uses non-disposable cups, plates and utensils. Cartridge World offers customers an in-store drop box for recycling used rechargeable batteries and cell phones for the benefit of Safe House.


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