Bowen and Barber

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Bowen & Barber, LLC

205 N. First St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Business Overview

Bowen & Barber is an investment and tax business that specializes in socially responsible investing.


Sustainable Business Practices

 The company reuses a wide variety of office materials and recycles paper, container items and packaging materials, as well as other items. They were able to bring paper consumption down by 35% this year by using emails to contact organizations and electronic memos and documents. The company also purchases a wide variety of recycled content products including business cards, garbage bags and paper towels. Since the company believes in rewarding employees for positive behavior, employees are given verbal kudos for properly participating in their recycling program. Further, Bowen & Barber has made a commitment to supporting other environmentally friendly businesses; they have recently increased their dedication to selling socially responsible mutual funds to clients.


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