Books By Chance

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869B W. Eisenhower Pkwy.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103


Business Overview

Books by Chance sells books, CDs, and DVDs on consignment for clients in the Ann Arbor area. They make it easy for the community to repurpose their books by providing free pick-up within the Ann Arbor city limits, efficiently identifying salable items, and donating the remainder to charity.

Sustainable Practices

Books by Chance sells in popular global marketplaces online, and donates a portion of every sale to local environmental and educational charities. Additionally, Books by Chance gives clients the option to direct any portion of their earnings to these local charities as well, an option that many have embraced.
Books by Chance channels tens of thousands of used books to the Recycle Ann Arbor ReUse Center each year, contributing greatly to their ongoing used book sale. Donation receipts are passed back to their clients, another popular feature of their service. Items not sold by the ReUse Center are always recycled as paper.
Books by Chance sells dozens of items daily, and regardless of weather conditions, their packages are hauled to the Post Office by bicycle, a service provided by HD Hauling ( ). This is a highly visible activity, and Books by Chance frequently hears positive comments from community members who see the large bike trailer with the Books by Chance logo on the back traveling through town.

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